History of Libochovice was always connected with the nearby Házmburk Castle.

History of Libochovice was always conected with the nearby Házmburk Castle

  • 12th century

Old wooden fort, later owned by the Luxemburg family.

  • 14th century

Zbyněk Zajíc of Valdek became the owner of Hasenburg Castle and Libochovice fortress. He rebuilt it in Gothic style.

  • 1424–1558

Libochovice was burned by the Hussites and the fortress was ruined.

  • 16th century

1558 Bought by Lobkowitz family. Rebuilding into a Renaissance chateau (castle).

  • 1676–1858

Sold to an Austrian nobleman Gundakar Dietrichstein.

1682 – Italian architect Antonio della Porta authorized to rebuilt the Libochovice Castle in an Early Baroque Style – to its present form. The work finished in 1690.

The Dietrichsteins held the chateau until 1858.

Libochowitz, Waldemar Rau (1827–1889), 1851.

  • 1858–1945

Libochovice Chateau in the possession of Herbersteins, till the WW II.

  • 2002–2018

Since January 1, 2002, the Libochovice Chateau owns Czech Republic and its National Cultural Monument (2002).